Teaching Geography in Today’s World

Teaching Geography in the 21st Century course through eNetLearning. 

As the COVID-19 situation makes sadly and abundantly clear, geography is more relevant now than ever before.  Furthermore, the maps and dashboards that you and millions of others have been looking at were created using powerful web based mapping tools.  You have access to these same tools as an instructor, and so do your students! 

How should modern geography be taught?  What approaches, tools, readings, activities, and data should be used to foster engagement with the geographic inquiry process?    This course will include discussion, videos, readings, short assessments,  and hands-on activities with interactive 2D and 3D maps, infographics, field surveys, storymaps, and more.

https://www.enetlearning.org/register-for-courses/teaching-geography-in-todays-world-5/  will take you to the registration form. 

Starts June 10th!

COURSE OUTCOMES:   By the end of this course, participants will be equipped to:

1)      Identify, describe, and discuss the urban, economic, land use, natural hazards, health, and population issues foundational to geography at different geographical and temporal scales.

2)      Apply geographic principles to effectively teach geography with the geographic perspective.

3)      Understand how to incorporate geospatial technologies, including dynamic web maps, charts, and data, to teach geography.

Now Offering an Online Citizen Science Teacher PD to Start August 16th!

Island Watershed Citizen Science is a FREE Online Course for Teachers of Hawaiʻi.  Space is still available.  It is a Citizen Science Hawaiʻi Event offered by Learning Endeavors.


 Download the Full Flyer

Apply Online by 8/13/17 Today

Teacher Participants will:

LEARN to engage students in field-based data collection and analysis that contributes to a larger authentic scientific study: CITIZEN SCIENCE!

RECEIVE an iPad, a Citizen Science Classroom Kit, NGSS Aligned Online Resources, and Ongoing Support

EARN a $450 Teacher Stipend for Full Participation: Online Course, Classroom Implementation, Field Trip, & Attendance at Culminating Virtual Event

FACILITATE at least one field trip for students to engage them in meaningful outdoor watershed citizen science & stewardship.

MEET community experts and scientists currently researching and preserving our island watersheds.

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This event will be facilitated by
Diana Papini Warren, Executive Director.

For more information, Contact Us TODAY!

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This Event is Provided with Funding from a NOAA BWET Grant.


Maui Watershed Citizen Science Teacher Workshop in January!

Learning Endeavors and Partners are pleased to offer the following event funded by a NOAA BWET Grant:

Maui Watershed Citizen Science

A 4-Day Teacher Workshop
January 20,21 & 27,28, 2017
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM



Download the Event Flyer: maui_cs_flyer2017


Visit the Citizen Science Hawai’i Program Website:  http://citizensciencehawaii.org